Saturday, September 5, 2009

week 1

inside urban outfitters

Barneys warehouse sale = sheer madness as usual.

Freshman welcome, so many people

inside a sleazy club

Some low quality pictures that sum up the last couple days. It's been crazy lately (in a good way). However, my sleeping schedule is all out of wack now (waking up at 12 pm and sleeping at 5 am).

Anyway, after a couple days of exploring the city nonstop, I finally got a chance to visit 'wichcraft today :) Founded by Tom Colicchio, the head judge of Bravo's top chef, 'wichcraft features gourmet sandwiches with high quality ingredients.

my lunch today: roasted turkey sandwich with bacon, avocado, onion relish and aioli on ciabatta roll. SO GOOD, especially the onion relish and aioli. Good thing there's a wichcraft 2 blocks away from my dorm, because I'll be craving this all the time now.