Sunday, September 20, 2009

meeting the sartorialist

Trekked all the way uptown last tuesday to Barneys on Madison in attempts to see Scott Schuman. Let me tell you, I have never before seen such a concentrated amount of chic people in my life.

Highlights include seeing Anna Dello Russo (SO. FIERCE.) , Simon Dooley, etc etc. I can tell you that I was throughly star-struck. I fangirled soooooooo hard when I finally got the chance to meet Mr. Schuman. I squealed about how much I "loooooveeeeeee" his work and gushed about how much of I fan I was. Kind of embarrassing.

Met up with Mer during the event, but sadly I had to go early. I'm SO regretting that, because after I left, the likes of Garance Dore, Lynn Yaeger and Giovanna Battagglia showed up. So hitting myself for that.


Styleseeking Zurich said...

Oh that's such an awesome opportunity that you got to go there and get your book signed and be amongst those chic people! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!


La petite mariah said...

I love your lifstyle! I love your blog! kiisss!!

STARR said...

I'm so jealous! And you look so pretty :)

Jamie said...

Loving your blog, but just wanna let you know, it's Simon Doonan :)

AMIT said...

So good.Love all the pictures.

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Tara said...

you're a very pretty ASIAN babe.