Sunday, September 13, 2009

flea markets and fries

Amazing weather today: 73 degrees. Absolutely perfect day to ignore priorities (aka, my ever-growing pile of required reading) and go strolling around the east village.

Wandered onto 10th st and found to our surprise that part of the street was closed down and transformed into an impromptu flea market. Loads of gorgeous stuff was to be found: little old ladies selling their trinkets, young hip fashionistas selling off their designer wares at a ridiculously low prices, etc.

Some weird stuff were being sold also

Ended up buying a really gorgeous vintage belt from a vendor that was a vintage boutique owner. He was clearing out his stock and had the most amazing belts out for sale.

Headed over to Pommes Frites afterwards. They have the most perfectly crispy fries, and their sauces are super eclectic and delicious.

Vietnamese pineapple dip. SO. GOOD. Puts ketchup to shame.

People sunning on the roof

Back at home trying on my new belt


Bianca and Isabella said...

wish i was at that sale.

Faridah said...

Great photographs! I miss going to flea markets. That suitcase of dolls heads is very strange haha. x

Karafina said...

can't wait to go to nyc again!!! loving all your photos of life as an nyu student, sort of, hah. perfect belt too!

ellevictoire said...

great photos! i love that suitcase with the little dolls in it :P

CHICMUSE said...



bi-style said...

Lovely belt! the puppet-heads are a little bit scary!

Lesley said...

Aww I love flea markets!!! That belt is killer!

Casey said...

This makes me so sad I live in Los Angeles. It's nowhere near as exciting as Manhattan.