Sunday, September 6, 2009

blogger meetup

Hung out with the awesome Mer from Merkovsky the other day, since we happen to go to the same school and all now. We talked about a whole range of things that only bloggers could talk about (finally! somebody that understands haha). Checked out the barney's warehouse sale together, and decided to get brick oven pizza. I walked out empty handed, but she came out with an awesome pair of ksubi jeans for like, $40. Crazy.

new york brick oven flatbread pizza = the best.

Mer's gorgeous lanvin flats

my new favorite scarf from zara. SO SOFT. + an assortment of random jewelry + t by a wang tank.

any other bloggers in NYC? :) Let me know!


Andy Stattmiller said...

ahh, what a fun day!

missing nyc big time..

Karafina said...


that comment above is from me!!

Violet said...

the scarf looks soft and very cute... and i now want pizza

Vi from Cali