Thursday, April 30, 2009

fluorescent adolescent

fluorescent lighting does funny things to pictures

Dress, Belt: f21, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Vintage, Glasses: UO

Thanks for all the supportive comments guys :) it means a lot to me

Monday, April 27, 2009


It's ABNORMALLY HOT here in jersey. 90 degree weather in april? Crazy.

Not dealing with this heat very well. It seems like it just went from disgustingly wet and rainy, to disgustingly hot and humid.

On the other hand, it was my birthday recently, and my mother generously gifted me a MACBOOK. Whatwhat. Love it.

Due to the freakishly hot weather + my new macbook (with the oh so convenient photobooth application) + my inherent laziness, my nikon d40 has not been getting much love. Ohwell.

Skirt, Top: Zara, Belt: F21, Sandals: Target, Sunglasses: UO

There's no air conditioning in my house, and I'm slowly melting into a puddle of goo. I'm going to go escape to the gym now where air conditioning is aplenty.

P.S. It's official. I'm going to be attending NYU the coming fall semester. Super stoked :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


I love food.

Dress (skirt): bff's, Vest: Zara

The dress I'm wearing is pretty epic (I'll have to post up a better picture shortly). It's actually my best friend's skirt, which I stole. Quite apt for frolicking around in the park and having impromptu picnics during insanely gorgeous days.

I'm going to be visiting Boston for colleges this weekend. Any shopping tips/advice would be much appreciated! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

use me

Shoes, Tote: Topshop, Jeans: Habitual, Shirt: AA, Leather Jacket: Thrifted from the little boys section, Bag: Vintage Chanel, Scarf: Margarita Saplala courtesy of the W29 showroom

Monday, April 13, 2009

w29 part 2

Here is the second installment of my day at the w29 showroom :)

I've been a fan of House of Dagmar for a little over a year now, and it was really amazing to meet Kristina, the designer of the brand. Together with her two other sisters, she has created an amazing fw 09 collection. Based on the theory of "protection", the collection is composed of lots of nice, chunky knits and covetable mohair pulls/cardigans.

Here is Kristina, holding up one of my favorite pieces of the collection. Love the contrast between the soft knit sweater + chunky chains :)

A close up of one of Dagmar's cozy mohair sweaters.

The newest addition, and I would say most vibrant and outgoing designer at W29 would have to be the london-based brand Ashish.

The collection was composed of lots and lots of sequins, used in a cheeky and whimsical manner. Check out one of my favorites below: a simple heather gray jacket with a sequined encrusted zebra completely engulfing one arm

Model Monica shows off Ashish's trom d'oeil sequined tuxedo dress. Look at the killer topshop shoes she's sporting. Doesn't it match the collection perfectly?

A close up of the notoriously impeccable Ioselliani.

Here's a funny and embarrassing (definitely more embarrassing than funny for me) story for you all. After spending some time at the showroom, I decided to change out of my motorcycle boots in the elevator into some more NYC sidewalk-friendly footwear (ferragamo flats). After having taken off both my shoes and being barefoot (well, I had tights on), the elevator doors suddenly open and I look only to see KATE FREAKING LANPHEAR outside with her assistants. WTF. I ran out of that elevator so fast she probably thought I was some crazy person, haha. Afterward I basically starting squealing uncontrollably like the little fan girl that I am because I had been in the same vicinity as Kate. Aha I'm so lame.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Before I introduce you guys to some more new designers, I wanted to take the time to show you my small visit to Topshop. After having a great time at the showroom, me and my friend Justine giddily hopped on a subway downtown to go check it out.

When we got there, we were surprised to find a line that spanned the length of the block. Going 5 days after the grand opening, you would think that all the hype had already died down. Guess not! Makes me wonder what kind of mayhem and craziness ensued during opening day.

Colorful front display. Though the line was long, it moved pretty fast and we got in in about 10 minutes.

The new Kate Moss for Topshop line looked very promising. Loved the dresses and jackets, especially this lime green flapper-esque dress with delicate beading.

But of course, I had gone to topshop with a mission: SHOES. I headed right to the shoe department to try and find the two pair of shoes that I've been attempting to hunt down, with no avail.

Shoe 1: The topshop unique booties. I literally ran to the shelf when I saw them there. However, though they were pretty, I was pretty disappointed at the comfort level. These are definitely sit-down shoes.

So, I sadly put them down and went searching for the other pair that I wanted: the coveted Emma Cook boots. I was 99.9999% sure that they were all gone already, as they were not out on display. Desperate, I decided to ask the SA anyway, who said she would check but she thought they were all sold out already. 5 minutes later, she came back with one lonely box, saying that these were the LAST pairs in the store.

AND THEY FIT :] Got a pretty good deal because of the 10% student discount, plus the fact that the right boot is missing a chain in the front (easily fixable).

Verdict: Do check out the topshop store if you're in the NY area. Some of the clothes and accessories are disappointing, but the shoes + Kate Moss collection are definitely worth checking out :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a day at w29 pt 1

A couple weeks ago, Rachel and Victoria from the w29 showroom contacted me and kindly invited me to their press day. Much fun was had, and I had the amazing opportunity to meet some up-and-coming designers, which I will be posting about the next couple days :)

w29 showroom. Filled to the brim with chic bloggers/editors/stylists

A whole entire wall dedicated to droolworthy jewelry from Draugsvold, Iosselliani and Pretty Young Thing. Let me tell you, I could not stop pawing at the pieces longingly. It was embarrassing.

Delicious vegan cupcakes courtesy of piggies. So. Good.

First designer up: LA-based Candace Ang. Not only was her collection amazingly covetable, but she was super sweet too :)

Ang modeling her own wares.

The thing I like about her line is that you can dress it up or down. Imagine one of her necklaces be over a plain loose tee (a la wang) and cutoffs, or a cocktail dress + fierce heels. Yesss? Yes.

Another super talented designer was Margarita Saplala. With the intentions of starting a high-end teeshirt line, Saplala's collection quickly grew to include dresses/tops as well as a fabulous jewelry collab. Check it out below.

Much of her collection this season consisted of silk dresses with pixelated prints on them, creating a kind of digitalized floral effect. Totally cool, no?

However, my favorite had to be her jewelry collaboration with PYT. I die.

Me with Rachel of w29. I kind of look like a tool, but how sick is Rachel's necklace?

Thanks again to Rachel and Victoria of w29 :) I have a LOT more stuff to post, including a visit to the new topshop in soho. I HAVE to show you guys my new acquisition. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 3, 2009

tutu parts 2 and 3

Quick post. Got to rush to a friend's house now. I'm always late :P

skirt: H&M, shirt: alternative apparel, sweater: dad's

skirt: H&M, belt: banana republic, shirt: H&M

p.s. my new boots came :)