Thursday, July 30, 2009

so hot. no ac.

When the temperature goes over 75 degrees, my brain automatically starts degenerating. In other words, complex dressing becomes impossible for me, which is why I usually resemble a homeless person during the warmer months.

The only way I can compensate for my lack of creative dressing during summer would be footwear.

Enter my new favorite boots.

Shorts: Thrifed DIY, Shirt:AA, Shoes: UO, Bag:f21

Me playing around with my camera settings. It would probably shame most slr aficionados if they knew that the extent of my knowledge doesn't extend far beyond "no flash" and "automatic". Sad.

PS. Some of you asked what nail polish I used in the last post. It's called "ocean love potion" by the OPI line for sephora. Sadly, it almost gave my boss a heart attack when she saw them (I work as a hostess at a restaurant). RIP blue nail polish :(

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sunday, July 26, 2009

selling stuff

because my closet is getting WAY too cluttered

email me at if you're interested, and I'll send you a invoice via paypal :)

Nine West Cuzza Boots $60 SOLD

Size 7
Worn out 3-4 Times
Great condition
Super comfortable (padded soles)

Shipping in US: $12
Shipping everywhere else: $25

Stuart Wietzman Gold Heels $50

Size 7.5
Great condition, except the sole of the left shoe has come off loose. Some rubber glue/cobblers glue should do the trick, or you can take it to your cobbler yourself to have it corrected. Easy fix.
Worn ONCE outside the house

Shipping in US: $12
Shipping everywhere else: $25

BCBGirl Boots $30

Size 7
Great condition
Worn out of the house 1-2 times

Shipping in US: $12
Shipping everywhere else: $25

Ralph Lauren Lime Green Faux Croc Bag/Clutch $30

Great condition
Worn out of house 3 times max
stain on top left corner wiped off after i took pics.

Shipping in US: $8
Shipping everywhere else: $20

Friday, July 24, 2009


I've been living in variations of the outfit below throughout the summer (loose tee + cutoffs), which kind of explains the lack of posting haha.

We decided to go out for a picnic today. We spent all morning packing fruits, making sandwiches, and mixing trailmix when all of a sudden it started to DOWNPOUR.

We decided to go anyway.

pita, roasted red pepper hummus, chicken, spinach and tomato. Mmmm.

completely wet/rained on

Shorts: Thrifted DIY, Shirt: express, Boots: Hunter, Bag: f21

Needless to say we were absolutely SOAKED within the first few seconds of stepping out of the car, and just decided to give up and let ourselves get drenched.

I don't think I've had so much fun in a really long time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life update

Tank: T by A Wang Shorts: Thrifted DIY, Belt: Thrifted, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Vintage Chanel

I've spent the last couple weeks

1) hanging out with friends
2) making new ones
3) getting fat
4) getting fat

I've also come to realize that I enjoy dressing up guy friends wayyy too much for it to be normal. (edit: in the picture above, me and my friend made it our mission to drag our guy friend into the nearest zara in order to bombard him with chic clothing)

New favorite piece: T by Alexander wang tank that I got for 50% off. Booya. I have a feeling that the exaggerated armholes/ exposed bra part might be a little too much for middle America, but I've since learned to deal with the awkward stares from strangers and friends alike.

One month until college. SO. EXCITED.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Top: UO, Shorts: Thrifted DIY, Belt: F21, Shoes: Converse DIY

Summer is definitely the season of effortless style. I literally just throw on whatever I feel like wearing at the time. At this particular moment, I decided to go with an obnoxiously bright crop top, denim cutoffs, newly studded converse and madwoman hair.

Wore this particular outfit to go thrifting yesterday and then watch indie movies about communist Romania with friends afterwards. Didn't come away with the mens jeans that I wanted, but did stumble upon some pretty AMAZING (yes. caps) finds, namely a pearl-beaded blazer, lace pencil skirt and hardcore harley davidson belt. Mmm.

I took to studding the shoes in front of the television, - very therapeutic. A whole morning of trashy daytime talk shows (of the whose-the-daddy make) and an extremely long marathon of Bones episodes later, I was done. Needless to say, my fingers are SO sore right now. It was so worth it though.