Thursday, July 30, 2009

so hot. no ac.

When the temperature goes over 75 degrees, my brain automatically starts degenerating. In other words, complex dressing becomes impossible for me, which is why I usually resemble a homeless person during the warmer months.

The only way I can compensate for my lack of creative dressing during summer would be footwear.

Enter my new favorite boots.

Shorts: Thrifed DIY, Shirt:AA, Shoes: UO, Bag:f21

Me playing around with my camera settings. It would probably shame most slr aficionados if they knew that the extent of my knowledge doesn't extend far beyond "no flash" and "automatic". Sad.

PS. Some of you asked what nail polish I used in the last post. It's called "ocean love potion" by the OPI line for sephora. Sadly, it almost gave my boss a heart attack when she saw them (I work as a hostess at a restaurant). RIP blue nail polish :(


Sadie said...

I loooove this look. Actually, I've been following your blog for a week or so now. I really like your style (particularly the studded converses... my new quest ;). You're such an inspiration: you just play with clothes and accessories and the final result is just awesome.
Btw, thx for the nail polish. I really like it.

Sandy said...

you should have gone with my grandma purple :D

cindy said...

these pictures are sooo lovely, & i really like your boots.

Tenny said...

absolutely love the boots.

Lesley said...

Your shoes make me weak in the knees! :-)

Miranda said...

lovely boots! are they jeffrey campbells? they look like a pair that i have

Uneblogueusemode said...

nice pictures :-).

Stupid Girl said...

I really like that shirt. I look forward to summer just for and excuse to wear slouchy clothes for a two months! haha. And I know the feeling. I painted my nails black one time for a party and my boss at the time made me take it off the day after. I was only a busser! So unfair.
Lovely Blog!


Erin Nicole said...

i love this wholeeee look, and those boots look great :)