Monday, April 13, 2009

w29 part 2

Here is the second installment of my day at the w29 showroom :)

I've been a fan of House of Dagmar for a little over a year now, and it was really amazing to meet Kristina, the designer of the brand. Together with her two other sisters, she has created an amazing fw 09 collection. Based on the theory of "protection", the collection is composed of lots of nice, chunky knits and covetable mohair pulls/cardigans.

Here is Kristina, holding up one of my favorite pieces of the collection. Love the contrast between the soft knit sweater + chunky chains :)

A close up of one of Dagmar's cozy mohair sweaters.

The newest addition, and I would say most vibrant and outgoing designer at W29 would have to be the london-based brand Ashish.

The collection was composed of lots and lots of sequins, used in a cheeky and whimsical manner. Check out one of my favorites below: a simple heather gray jacket with a sequined encrusted zebra completely engulfing one arm

Model Monica shows off Ashish's trom d'oeil sequined tuxedo dress. Look at the killer topshop shoes she's sporting. Doesn't it match the collection perfectly?

A close up of the notoriously impeccable Ioselliani.

Here's a funny and embarrassing (definitely more embarrassing than funny for me) story for you all. After spending some time at the showroom, I decided to change out of my motorcycle boots in the elevator into some more NYC sidewalk-friendly footwear (ferragamo flats). After having taken off both my shoes and being barefoot (well, I had tights on), the elevator doors suddenly open and I look only to see KATE FREAKING LANPHEAR outside with her assistants. WTF. I ran out of that elevator so fast she probably thought I was some crazy person, haha. Afterward I basically starting squealing uncontrollably like the little fan girl that I am because I had been in the same vicinity as Kate. Aha I'm so lame.


Alice said...

the last two pieces look like Elsa Schiaparelli's trompe l'oeil and Jean Cocteau jacket with the woman and hair along the arm. basically modern day Schiaparelli!

love them.

Christine said...

The zebra sweater and that last necklace are amazing.

Frou Flu said...

you are so lucky i am jealous...:) i love that sweater and monica's zebra print booties are amazing...

Adri said...

That dress she is holding up in the 1st photo is impeccable. I love the mix of textures.

Gracie said...

It took me about six seconds, but I am now in love with the zebra sweater. Thanks for sharing this designer.

Peace. Gracie.

Anonymous said...

LOVE! the sparkly blazer thing its amazing! ahaha

your blog is great!

Vintage Tea said...

It all looks so amazing! I died a little when I saw the Zebra jumper!!!!!!!!!!! SO cute

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Boubou said...

i love the zebra necklace ! by the way long time i havent been here !!
and i style love your blog !

a bientot !


Alice X said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!!! i am dying for your kate moment, HOLYYY CRAPOLA! how did you get to visit her showroom? i love the zebra. soo cool.

Anonymous said...

ahh you have to tell me where this shop is! i have to get that zebra shirt!

Rebecca said...


jamie clare said...

love the zebra sweater.

sorry your run-in with la lanphear didn't go too well! haha. next time you'll step off that elevator in some to-die-for ensemble and she'll wink at you or something.

ahhhh i wish i didn't live in nebraska. haha.

Don't Be A Hero said...

epic, I love that necklace and the zebra is perffection

FashionJunkie said...

love the zebra print and the girl that wearing the sequin tux love
check and comment and also addd/follow my blog

TheMinx said...

ooh, love house of dagmar. and those zebra topshop shoes are absolutely epic.

Mi Mi Mi said...

wooooow,,, i like the tux,,, it's cute :D and the zebra sweater too!!!

Boubou said...

hello ! long i havent seen your blog ! how are you ?? still lovely :))
a bientot !