Thursday, January 21, 2010

we'll walk around pretending we're all grown up

Top, Bra, Leggings: UO, Jacket, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Vintage Chanel

resolution for 2010: more frequent outfit posts

ps. wore this with aa mesh bodysuit underneath the lace tank out to maintain some semblance of decency.


Anonymous said...

I wish i could be as creative with outfits at school, unfortunately I'm limited on the edgy, "out-there" outfits due to the "professional attire."

I love the different fabrics and textures; the jacket adds that perfect touch of concealment; and vintage chanel never goes out of style=absolute perfection.

<3 Krissy

blotchy_buttcheeks said...

I love this outfit. it's original, no one in downtown brisbane would wear this!

Charlotte said...

I love everything about this, especially the ysl ring
Charlotte x

Vee said...

You look amazing!

♥Lola said...

Love the cardigan, it's so pretty :)

the clothing project said...

lovely. i really like this.


Gizelle said...

love the whole outfit!
and the accessories too..esp the rings!

Margaret said...

the top is delightful!

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it! You've a great style!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment! Thanks!

'Lee said...

I found your blog thanks to Mega's blog and may I say, I absolutely love it.
It's so simple and sleek, exactly what I love in a blog :)
and your outfit is beyond amazing, it's so chic!
Definitely following :D

Theory of a fashion victim

Iris. said...

OMG this Topshop jacket is a-mazing!!!!
You have such a great style :)
Hope the studies are going well xxx

janet said...

love your outfits! and that accessories are cool!

Suzanne said...

oo I really do love this outfit!
I want a bra like that one!

Chicisimo said...

I love the Chanel air of this outfit! The jacket is cute, and the top is simply amazing!! The combo, I think that is perfect!

thesocialcode said...

love this outfit!!
the jacket is amazing.

check out-

Vio said...

wow, perfect outfit!!! I love your jacket and the top