Sunday, January 10, 2010

life through a fish's eyes

Got my first three rolls of film developed, - FINALLY. Sorry for the low quality, I don't have a scanner with me at the moment, so I took pictures of the prints ahahah.

Gotta run now, I'm going back to the city for a day or two (I'm back home for winter vacation). GOING TO SEE PASION PIT TONIGHT, yeeeeeaaaaaaaaassir.


Blonde Chicette said...

Awesome photos. OMG lucky, I love passion pit!

Posh said...

Great blog girl, amazing! Saw in your previous posts that you got the Ashish booties from Topshop, could you tell me it they are true to size or maby a bit smaller/bigger?

Thank you!

English Rose said...

You have the turquoise YSL ring?
If yes, I'm so fucking jealous! I LOVE THAT RING!
Great pictures xxx

nicole said...

These pictures are amazing.

I'm thinking of attending NYU in the fall and reading your blog gives me a little peak into what it could be like! Love it!

Georgia said...

I have so much disposable film to develop! Yours came out really well actually.. trouble is, developing is a costly process :(

It would be mine

Lesley said...

Amazing pictures! Have fun!

Glamour Feeling said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!!
i love yours!! it's so trendy!!