Friday, January 8, 2010

This intellectual black hole reeks of cologne and lies.

bundled up

I look like such a prick here

Jeans, Jean jacket: UO , Belt: Uniqlo, Cropped shirt, Shoes: topshop, Hat/scarf: random ?, Jacket: sweetface, Sequined Jacket: thrifted, Ring: YSL

-I look like a douche in all these pics, a result of being short on time and rushing out the door subsequently.

-I'm kind of obsessed with stripes at the moment, perhaps due to a resurgence of my inner francophile.

-Oh, and how awesome is the beaded/sequined cardigan thing above? It's a little much, but so good regardless. The best thing about it? $5 at the thrift store. YEEYEE.

-Theres something wrong with my dslr :( It takes pictures just fine, but the viewfinder is unfocused all the time. Taking it to the camera shop to see whats up, hopefully its nothing too bad.


Adri said...

That cropped striped shirt is adorable & i love the way you styled yourself. That sequin jacket is such a great in NY totally has its perks especially when it comes to vintage..where I live there is not much to choose from

Anonymous said...

That ring is fantastic!!!

HAL said...

I really want that ring! Great post.

Miranda said...

that ring looks awesome! is it comfortable to wear?

and ive been wearing the hell out of my vinttage fur collar as well. so toasty!

nopay novita said...

nice blog!

LagrandegentilleLou said...

Your YSL ring is splendid !

janet said...

hey.. love ur cropped shirt! :D
thanks for ur sweet comment..

I'm following u @ bloglovin :D

Iris. said...

I'm kind of in love with this cardigan.. and the ring has such a lovely colour!
xoxo from London

Anonymous said...

you have the YSL ring :O
its such an amazing ring i lurveee it

dazed said...

Ahhh I had to post this to everyone I knew - this ring is off the shizam.My boyfriend nearly had a fit, he thought it was perfect.