Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Woke up to this scene this morning. In my opinion, snow just gets more annoying and less charming past the christmas/new years mark. I just want summer to come gosh darnit.

On the plus side, school was cancelled for the day, so I'm not complaining. Spent the day playing around with my camera and planning outfits for the rest of the week.

Boots: Nine West, Tights: Walmart, Skirt/Blouse: Forever 21, Belt: Thrifted, Fur Collar: H&M, Bag: Hong Kong

Vintage ring from the grandmother

This is Chloe. I think she's finally reached that point in her kitty life where all she wants to do is sleep and groom herself. This makes her exponentially more boring, but I still love her.

My new favorite toy. I'm obsessed.

I'm now going to do something completely unproductive, like not do homework and watch movies online. Finally a second semester senior.

Apathy is a wonderful feeling.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Spent the weekend running around central jersey with the best friend. Highlights include crashing a surprise party, baking multicultural/emoticon cookies for said party (in attempts to placate the fact that I wasn't, you know, invited), and shopping EVERYWHERE.

My new rules for shopping: No black, and only buy it if you LOVE it.

I also knew I was going to go crazy, so I left the card at home and only brought with me $70. It was a painful process, but I'm extremely happy with what I came home with.

Ended up going to the local Loehmans (discount retail store, think TJ maxx on steroids) and finding a super soft James Perse hoodie marked down to 20ish dollars, AND an amazingly amazing sequined sweater by John Varvatos for converse marked down from $400 to $20. YES.

Stopped by the goodwill and picked up a chain belt interlaced with velvet. Went to the mall afterwords and bought a faux fur collar that I know I will be wearing with everything.

bff's bedazzled arms.

Sequined Sweater: John Varvatos for Converse, White Hoodie: James Perse, Jacket: Topshop, Purple Blouse: f21, Grey Tank: Alternative Apparel, Belt: Thrifted, Jeans: Superfine, Boots: Frye

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

flowery velvet monstrosity

I was going through my mother's closet, and came across this velvet monstrosity. However, I firmly believe that there's nothing that a cropped blazer and a pair of ankle boots can't save. A little chanel never hurts either.

Dress: Mothers, Shoes: Bongo, Tights: Target, Blazer: H&M Belt: Uniqlo (worn backwards), Bag: Chanel

These ribbed knit tights are crazy warm. Like my-legs-were-sweating-during-class warm. Need to get more.

Sorry I haven't been posting as much. All I've been doing all week is writing college essays while watching Who's Line re-runs on youtube. That probably explains why I have to finish three more before tomorrow night. Ugh.

Richard Simmons > College apps

I have a college interview in 2 hours. Save me.

ps. thanks for all the lovely comments. You guys rock. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My soon-to-be-broken (or already broken) new years resolutions for 2009

1. eat healthy
2. wear more color
3. live life

My pathetic attempt at carrying out resolution #2. I swear, I must be a colorphobe or something. My closet = Blacks, grays and the very occasional pop of white.

Jacket: Topshop, Dress: Hong Kong Ladies Market, Walmart (as slip), Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Nine West, Headband: UO, Tights: walmart

Say hello to my wonderwoman belt.

I've been wearing this leather jacket from topshop almost religiously, because its 1) extremely warm 2) extremely soft 3) damn expensive (must get as much wear from it possible). I'm not extremely fond of the dark gray color, and I really wish it were black, but I guess the quilted sleeves/back makes up for it. There's also this really awkward plastic hood that you can whip out. Looks pretty awful, but I must say that it comes in quite handy.

I also find it funny that the brightest place in my entire house happens to be in the unfinished portion of my basement. My house in general is dimmer than an abercrombie store.

Monday, January 5, 2009

School :(

Boots - Frye, Jeans - Superfine, Blazer, Bag - H&M, Coat - Marc by marc Jacobs, Beanie - Forever 21, Shirt - Alternative Apparel, Scarf - Vintage

First day back to school. Could hardly pull myself out of bed and had one of the worst hair days in recent history. Decided to wear all black, put on some shockingly pink lipstick (Nars in Funnyface) and called it a day.

Also, I got new boots. Got them because they looked like the more innocuous cousins of these sinfully beautiful stellas (except the shorter version), which I will never have :( :( :(

P.S. These shoes are still on sale. Pop me an email at if you're interested :)