Friday, August 21, 2009

vacation recap

To sum it all up, seattle was cool, alaska was beautiful. Both were super COLD (around 50-60 degrees F), which was weird for me cause I'm used to scorching hot augusts.

So even though I brought my slr to vacation with me, I was WAY too lazy to lug it around with me so I just resorted to using my crappy little point-and-shoot camera.

If you're in seattle, definitely check out the underground vintage mall in pioneer square. Though it might be a bit pricier, it's worth checking out as it literally is room after underground room of antiques and random old paraphernalia.

And, Alaska was just...alaska? It was pretty unpopulated, as I expected. Most towns are completely landlocked, and have fewer than 2,000 people living there. As much of a no man's land that it was, I guess it largely contributed to the charm of the state. Seriously, I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

Heres a crappy little video I compiled. It MAY give you a seizure. I have shaky hands.


Tiphaine said...

It seems beautiful !


see ya'!

Karafina said...

oh man , i didn't get to visit that underground antique mall. =(
beautiful pictures.....

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.