Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What I've been doing for the last couple of days. Ideally, I want to shred the entire right portion, sleeve and all.

Originally, I was wearing a slouchy green beanie a la A. Wang. I opted for a headband after my friend told me I was dressed exactly like a homeless person he had befriended on 2nd avenue. He calls himself Bubba (the homeless guy, not my friend).

Jeans: Trash and Vaudeville, Tee: Hanes DIY, Headband: UO, Bandeau: AA, Bag: Vintage Chanel, Shoes: Nine West

The jeans are from Trash and Vaudeville. You can't really see it, but they have this waxed zebra print pattern all over them. They're like the more subdued cousin of the balmains I've been lusting over.

If you've never been to Trash and Vaudeville, and are in/going to be in the NYC region, definitely be sure to check it out. Jimmy (the owner) is seriously the sweetest man ever, hands down.

I wear these boots too much.


Miranda said...

love everything your wearing! i have that headband but i have never worn it...looks great on you though! and those jeans are so cool. where is trash and vaudville?

Caroline said...

ohhhh my those pants. so killer! i didn't get to make it in but hopefully I'll be back to NYC soon

Nita-Karoliina said...

thanks sweet comment!
i fell in love with ur blog!
wanna ghange links? just info me my blog :)
you have AMAZING style, so balmain, so what i love, rock!

saray said...

those boots are stuning, they are made for people to wear them too mcuh.

I love your shreded tee, i tried to shred one of my tee's but it didn't work..

♥ fashion chalet said...

ohhh shredded tee :)

Mariane M. said...

those pants are crazy insane amazing hot!