Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the balenciaga question

Ever since I could remember, I've always wanted a Balenciaga bag. To me, it's the perfect balance of grunge/ rock and roll and chicness.

Asking my parents to buy me it would be absolutely out of the question (in fact, I feel guilty asking my parents to buy me anything other than food/school related things). However, now that I've started working, I'll be able to buy it myself.

The price is pretty hefty, $1,095.00 to be exact. To most people, that might not be a lot of money, but to a 17 year old student that's a LOT (about two months worth of paychecks). This money could go to a lot of better things, like say for instance a new macbook or like, uh COLLEGE.

So what do you guys think? Should I buy it? Do you think it has reached the iconic "timeless bag" title, or do you think I'll regret purchasing it (if I do) ten years from now? Is the "it" bag dead?

Ah. What should I do?


Miranda said...

personally, i love it
and i find them to be super versatile
minus that price tag hahaha
i wouldn't have guessed we're the same age! you look older :)
i think that it'd be worth it to save up for it
but at the same time, it'll be SUPER HARD to control yourself from spending that money elsewhere
i mean... think of all the other things you could buy w that money lol

Jennifer said...

It's a lot of money, which means that it's a big decision to make. I know that for me, personally, I wouldn't spend over a grand for a bag, especially since the economy is unbelievably lame right now and I would put that money to better use. Though, I doubt I'd skip out on the money market and savings banks since the dollar is so damn weak, and your returns are way less.

And plus, if you don't buy it now, you can buy it later. It'll probably always be available.

Anonymous said...

it's a great versatile bag and the leather only gets better with use. I mean it's a pretty penny but the way I think is if you're truley going to use it; then go for it! But if you have other more expensive expenditures such as a laptop for college then I say hold off on it til you save up some cash and that way when you finally do buy it it'll be a prized posession!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I actually think balenciaga bags are overrated. the leather is poor quality, I say get a marc by marc jacobs one, thats cheaper and better leather

Miranda said...

i love the balenciaga bags, i definitely think they are timeless...most "it" bags don't stay in style for, what is it like 4 years now that the moto bags have been popular? if this is the bag that you want and you have the money than i say why not? you will keep it and use it forever!

Nita-Karoliina said...

well i am turning 24 in january and thats a lot of money for me. but i am a student..
i have wanted balengiaca too and a cool miu miu bag and a hermes bag. well, i will buy one of those when i am starting to have more money! goals!

yiqin; said...

I think it is really versatile too! Hmm maybe you should consider other classic bags too? :) I think it is worth it to invest in bags because some of these bags really lasts forever!

Mega said...

I am in LOVE with the balenciaga.

I think that $1000 on a handbag is a little hefty for a teen but if you're going to use it heaps then why not?

The most I've ever spent on a bag was $500.

The Balenciaga motor's here are $3000 on a non-economic crises ;___;

Mariane M. said...

i have no doubt that you really want this bag and if you have spare cash aside, i think you should get it! just cut back on future unnecessary spending and use your future paychecks for "more important things"

also..just some personal advice/experience...

i bought a balenciaga city bag (but with the giant gold hardware) early this year, but sold it IMMEDIATELY. the leather was not as buttery as the old bags, which were produced by the original balenciaga house. since 2007, the bags have been produced by the gucci group (who bought bal or somethin) and the leather is not as buttery and is a bit on the hard/shiny side...what i'm trying to say is maybe you should consider looking for a used version that is from 2007 or earlier. 2007 was the last year for good leather. you'll save a couple extra~hundred bucks and you'll get better leather (chevre..the new ones are lamb i think or something)! :)

as for me, i'm still searching for the perfect one...i've been hunting on ebay for a while now and there's a bunch of older ones but alas, i have no money! be weary of getting duped though!

and i'm sorry if you already knew this and i wasted your time! hahaha ...brand new or old the bag is beautiful!

can't wait to see what you decide on!


WendyB said...

I love it. I've had one in bubble-gum pink for years and will keep it forever.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

yes buy it !

Fashion Is Poison said...

hmm. well. you will love the bag, that's for sure. idk how you feel about buying it used but eBay is offering a 30% cashback rebate (up to $200) and seriously, right now, ebay sales are SLOOOOW so i think bal bags are going for much lower than they have in the past. if you need help authenticating one and making sure it's cashback eligible i'd be more than happy to help. i think you can get this model for about $650 or so through ebay.

Cheryl said...

Too bad you don't live in Jakarta. They're selling for super cheap in secondhand shops!