Tuesday, November 4, 2008

natural habitat

Jacket, scarf: H&M, Jeans: Marc by MJ, Boots: Nine West, Sweater: TJ Maxx, Vest, belt: vintage, Shirt: forever 21

Wore this to school before I went out to canvass for the Obama campaign.

Tomorrow we're going to have a new president. Weird.


Karafina said...

yay i found you! glad to see you back blogging. great photos!! and yay for obama!!

btw, what kind of camera are you using?

Karafina said...

actually i just looked through your posts, and saw that it was a d40 nikon? any specifics, and do you love it?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you. I find your blog, mind blowing. Really love those boots! :)

♥/ fashion chalet

Fashion Is Poison said...

wait....i have seen your blog before. DUH. you're now one of my regulars sweetie!