Tuesday, June 9, 2009

take me back to the start

Busy living life like a typical reckless, carefree and completely irresponsible teenager. I really don't want to grow up.

Pig Magazine May 09
Source: Foto Decadent


Damsels said...

great inspiration pics .

ilove the first one especially
We Were Damsels

Alice said...

oooh so THAT's where the first picture came from.

I like this editorial

Karafina said...

i know.. growing up sux!!!!

live it up girl, youre only a teen for so long,,, but man are the 20's fun!!

Frou Flu said...

lovely photos. and LOVELY shoes!

elizabeth said...

awsome photos!
btw, i was wondering.. how do you get your blog layout to be slightly more central? sorry.. its just ive been trying to figure it out for a while and im failing haha.

Alice X said...

wowww. these are phenomenal pictures.

Grace said...

This spread makes me miss having female flat mates.

Love Grace.

noa said...

Cool pictures!! I really like the first one!!


Tili_lili said...

These are fierce. I love!

shoshi said...

wow this shoot is amazing. the first one is definitely my favourite. love your blog by the way.

read my blog @

n. said...

Don't worry. You can act as wild as you want the entirety of your life, as long as you do it intelligently. People will call this eccentric and invite you to their parties.

TheMinx said...

These are seriously fucking cool pictures. And you looked sooo amazing at prom, I loved everything about your outfit!

bi-style said...

Fantastic pics and sooo sexy!

StyleBrownie said...

hey babes.. love yoru blog. i love the layouts...and yout style. The inspirational pictures that you found were also awesome. never see them on other blogs.

loving your blog and style.

hope u can maybe upload a closeup of your boots? or isit in other post that i don't know off.

have a good day babes.


indie said...

I don't want to grow up either..but it's going to happen sooner or later.