Friday, December 12, 2008

i need new boots

Finally, the week is over. Unfortunately, the intense studying has rendered me sick :(

Because of this, I've been stuck at home online shopping all day. I really need some new boots that I can wear to death. I'm craving something simple, black and above-ankle-length (does that even make sense?).

The ones on above would be perfect, they're currently selling for $89 on zappos. However, they've seemed to have run out of size 7s :( :( :( Woe is me.

Perhaps this is a sign from the shopping gods?

P.S. I just bought an (hopefully) amazing topshop leather jacket that will be arriving any day now. I can grantee that my my life will be a little more complete after I get it.

Outfit post soon!


jaime said...

get well soon sweetie! i want new boots too, i love this particular one!

Nita-Karoliina said...

i am graving new clothes too, its been tooooo long time since i last shopped..well i am going to London again end of the month, hope there is some sales.. :P those boots are lovely!! hope you feel better soon, and hope you arent as long sick that i was!

Karafina said...

feel better soon!!!!

online shopping/browsing can sometimes be the best medicine!!!

Mariane M. said...

online shopping is the worst thing ever..because it's SO ADDICTING. i waste a lot of time just browsing through things.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, those shoes are beautiful! I need (want…) a pair like those :)
I like your blog!