Saturday, October 25, 2008

whats up stud

Who is this girl?? And more importantly, where is her bag from???

wow I'm such a stalker.

on another note, I think it's time for another DIY.

source: thecobrasnake, thesartorialist


Anonymous said...

The girl is Sheila Marquez, a model, and the bag is a Burberry Knight Studded Bag.

Jennifer said...

I loveeeee that Burberry bag. I even considered stealing it from the store at Short Hills when I was getting a present for the boyfriend. haha Soo pretty!!

STARR said...

oo lucky model. She wears it well though :)

Amplified said...

Burberry Knight bag in calfskin leather with pure,unadultareted metal studs. It's extremely heavy though b'cos of all those studs. You could probably use it as a weapon