Friday, October 17, 2008

bad blogger

Sorry for the lack of posting. My life basically consists of applications right now :(

Val: 0, College: 16587687

Oh, and I'm seriously considering purchasing the nikon d40. Better quality pictures yay :] Any d40 users out there? Should I be getting any special lenses? I'm kind of new to photography and all.


The Stylish Wanderer said...

omg your back! Im so happy!

Jennifer said...

I hope applications are going well. I wanted to stab someone when I was doing mine a few years ago. But then again, I'll have to go through all that drama when I apply to law schools next fall. Boo!

And sorry, darling. I haven't a clue about the Nikon d40. I, myself, am trying to find a new camera to replace the 2 that became useless after I busted them. Haha

fklt* said...


I use the d40, its a really great dslr to start out with. the kit lens is pretty good, i mean especially if youre just starting out with casual photography. when/if you wanna do more stuff there are a ton of other more specific nikon lenses you can buy! :) hope this helped!!

good luck with college aps!! :)


Miss Urbanita said...

My boyfriend bought me last monday the Nikon D50. What a coincidence!