Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yessss. Finally got the YSL ring i've been lusting over for AGES from my dear father for my christmas/birthay gift. After wearing it nonstop for the last couple days, I've gotten more than a couple odd reactions from friends and family

"Looks like melted chocolate and foil"
"Is that a real birds egg?"
"Fossilized dinosaur poop?"

Hope you all had a great holiday season and got what you all wished for :)

New years eve is tomorrow, I can't believe we're about to start a new decade already. Sad, we won't be able to wear those cheesy new years glasses for another millennia now.

PS. Avatar was pretty fucking spectacular. If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT (preferably in imax 3D). It's decided, i'm totally being a Navi next halloween.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful :D

Anonymous said...

i got the ring in the same color for xmas! People were stumped on what it was at a bar I was at. You know how central jersey is; clueless. hahah

I hope you remember me! i used to have

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Alice said...


im still on the net-a-porter "waiting list"...

Anonymous said...

It's such a nice ring!

nopaynovita said...

nice blog!

if you dont mind,visit me back yeah:)

Fashionista Diary said...

omg, loving your ring!!! woohoo! happy 2010 to you xo

Lauren Goddard said...

Perrrrrfect present and I totally agree Avatar was mind blowing! I'm desperate to see it again!

x x x

Dominique said...

That's like, the BEST suprise EVER!

LanguageTimothy said...

That Ring is Gorgeus :D

Erika Michel said...

aaaaw, lovely :)


anna bu said...

i love it!!!


anya said...

I got one for chrissy as well.. i get some weird looks, except from the people at work since half of them are part time jewelery designers. but its definitely too good to leave at home