Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Jeans: Diesel, Flannel Shirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Nine west, Scarf: AA, Sunglasses: raybans, Purse: Chanel

Sorry for the dearth of posts this week (I feel like I say this in all my posts) but I had spent the long weekend in New York City. One of the advantages of having relatives live in manhattan is that you get to spend ridiculous amounts of time cavorting around the island. Speaking of which, NYC is absolutely swarming with type A fashion forward glamazons at the moment, thanks to fashion week. Intimidating, but inspirational. I was too scared to take pictures, but maybe I'll muster enough courage and play street style photographer next time. Maybe.

BY THE WAY, if any of you are going to be in new york within the next week or so, make sure to hit up the barneys warehouse sale. I went the second day of the sale, and it was SHEER MADNESS. Picture this: racks and racks of shoes spanning from the lust-worthy sculptural stella mary janes, to last seasons robo-chic balenciaga stilettos (a la Carine), to the insane three layer frindged louboutins, all haphazardly thrown onto shelves in a way that would make TJ maxx look like Harrods, naked women EVERYWHERE trying to cram themselves into alaia and valentino, proenza and alexander wang all over the floor. My friend tried on a goddess-like versace gown that she had salvaged from the wreck, only to find that the shoulder straps and been ripped off the neckline, and that there was a huge two foot gash. What a waste.

I didn't end up with anything. Though it is a sale, the prices were usually still too $$$$ for my pre-collegiate bank account to handle. But if you have money to spend and are in the NY area, good God what are you still reading this post?

PS. I'm thinking of doing a possible video blog in the near future. Any topic suggestions? :]


HoneyBunny said...

you look gorgegous! I love that checked shirt! and I would loove to be in NY now;D

Don't Be A Hero said...

this is epic

don't worry, I'm apologizing for the lack of post ever post too

missKaren said...

I've been in 22 states and NY has not been one of them. How is that?? That outfit is so awesome, dressed up to dress down, I'm going to borrow it for grocery shopping tonight.

Also, I gave you an award. I don't know if you do awards, but it's my first and I figure it's good karma.

Miranda said...

love your outfit, simple and chic :)

im contemplating getting some raybans..they look so good :)

and i know what you mean about the barneys co-op sale, i went a few years ago and it was sheer madness. its kind of sad to see the gorgeous designer clothes dirty and ripped though :(

kaitlyn said...

love your flannel!

Karafina said...

great flannel and scarf! i bet nyc is craaaazed right now!

i think you should do a video post on your closet, that always fun to see...

Lorituela said...

I'm looking for a shirt like that one, looks great on you.
Combined with the boots looks even better!

Lover from Spain,


Mona said...

cool cool, can't wait for that vlog!

Lauren said...

I hate mad sales! It's way too freaky being surrounded by people willing to kill you for shoes. haha. You could do a vlog on your wardrobe? That would be super cool to see your favourite clothes. :)

x x x

Pistazieneis said...

You look so cool on this pictures, with your sunglases and the checked shirt

Camille said...

Amazing thrift find, love the flannel. I wish I were in NYC right now!

La petite mariah said...

ooww you're outfit it's so cutee

Lovee you're stylee


chicisimo said...

It's a pity I wont be in NYC:( - Video blog is a great idea, seeing & hearing you would be cool. Topic? Well, you can show us yous favorite outfits.

Le blog de Lou said...

Waww !
You look wonderful =)
Kiss from France ;)