Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a confession to make. I really (and I mean really) hate flats and/or sandals. I especially hate those boho braided gladiator type sandals that they sell everywhere.

It's not that they're not attractive or anything, it's just that they're so damn uncomfortable and the footbeds are so hard/don't provide enough support. Aren't the point of flats supposed to be for strenuous walking and stuff of the sorts? It might be also due to the fact that I'm a serious wimp, but that's besides the point.

As you can imagine, this makes summer dressing ridiculously and unnecessarily difficult. Just possibly solved this dilemma by buying a pair of velour korkease sandals via ebay. They look super orthopedic and super comfortable. Can't wait till I can pair these with denim cutoffs + a fringy something or another and my newly acquired alex wang-ish dropcrotch sweatpants (not all at once though).

I really need to stop buying shoes and put my money to good (better?) use. Like acquiring another fake ID or something.


Anonymous said...

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rinacatastrophe said...

I know what you mean about flats. Since I've been wearing heels every day for work, flats - especially sandals - have become increasingly uncomfortable :(
But lucky for us both, everything comes in platform these days.


Damsels said...

i lvoe both flats/ sandals and platforms and most every shoe imaginable .. but i definitly agree about the gladiators.. besides im a bit over them .. some sandals are aterribly uncomfortable the firsttime you wear them .especially if they have a lot of straps

Grace said...

I'd totally wear those.

Love Grace.

Becca. said...

gorgeous shoes, love love love!



Anonymous said...

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