Sunday, April 18, 2010

loafer mules

I never really was bought on the whole mule/clog trend until I stumbled upon these babies at Zara the other day. They're like the weirdly awesome love child of the miumiu/chanel clogs and the balenciaga platform loafers. I'm cool with that.


Amber said...

Totally love them!
x amber

Valentina_s said...


behindblueeyes said...

amazing shoes :)

rinacatastrophe said...

I tried these on yesterday at Zara - risky! I like the black platform clogs with the ankle-strap a bit more, seems safer for the clumsies like me.

- rina

janet said...

very very cool~! love it!

Michelle Elaine said...

I'm hesitant to give in to the clogs, but I'm surprisingly really into your zara love child heels :)

I need to remind myself to make a trip to Zara!


chloe said...

love it.
naughty mess vintage

MELISSA Z. said...

I saw those clogs at Zara and they are wonderful! I want them!