Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm infatuated with my newly painted nails. Me and some of my hall mates had a nail-painting party in the hallway the other day (how girly of us), and I opted for this obnoxious violety-purple with a glitter topcoat. Very adolescent/pre-teen, no? I'm kind of obsessed and throughly converted. I don't know if I can ever go for non-glittery nail polish again. I'm thinking of channeling Dorothy's ruby red slippers next.

Skirt, Top: UO, Belt: Club Monaco, Jacket, Scarf: Zara, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Vintage Chanel

Kind of in love with this sequined motorcycle jacket that I got a Zara. I've been shopping too much lately. My new motto: "buy it ONLY if you LOVE it". It's been working so far, as I haven't felt guilty about any purchases so far. My checking account, however, is dying at the moment.

So sorry the posts have been kind of slow lately. But heres what's going on lately I guess:

-Been buried with massive amounts of work lately.
-Had the worst day EVER today. Stayed at the library until 4:30 AM, finally fell asleep at 5 back at the dorm only to be awaken at 7:30 by a fire alarm caused by some douchebag who decided to bake cookies in the communal kitchen downstairs. Seriously? Had class at 8:00. UGH.
-Contemplating dying my hair a deep, dark brown. Also definitely growing it out, and maybe perming it so that it becomes semi-wavy.
-Gaining weight. The freshman 15 is coming, I can feel it.
-Sleep DEPRIVED. Going to sleep right after this post. Naptime is now fully integrated into my daily schedule.
-Jealous that I haven't spotted ONE celebrity yet. My suite mate bumped into James Franco this morning and held a conversation with him, another friend accidentally walked onto the scene of Ugly Betty while they were filming, and another saw Obama in his car (just to name a few). Wtf, I have the worst luck ever.

-I've also developed a dependency on red velvet cupcakes. Went to Crumbs the other day on 8th street. AMAZING.

My red velvet cupcake. SO GOOD, SOOO GOOD.

Left: My friend's tiramisu cupcake (also amazingly delicious. It had marscapone cream or something of the sort in the inside, much like real tiramisu. Right: My red velvet cupcake

I annihilated that badboy.

These babies are HUGE, like bigger than the size of my fist. They're so good though, I could have easily eaten two. Too bad they're like crazy fattening (mine was 500 calories, whatwhat?)

Okay, I really need to sleep now.


Alice said...

ooooh, i have the same shopping motto too! it's very recent so i haven't been shopping compulsively or having the urge to shop for such a long time. and it feels good!

that cupcake looks sooo good. mmm

StarbucksCityGirl17 said...

Those cupcakes look amazing!! Love your blog by the way :)

Mimi said...

your nails are gorgeous!

mine right now are still plain black.

love the m.cycle jacket! :D

Dianna said...

You're such a pretty girl! If I could suggest: Lengthen the skirt, change stockings to a pair WITHOUT a run in them, wear the booties with pants only and cut the bangs so they don't hide your beautiful face.
(Would love to know what the conversation was between your suite mate & JAMES FRANCO!)

Karafina said...

first off...

amazing jacket. "buy only if you love" is what I'm trying to do, after my 2 month ban. lol.

hall mates sounds so cute. freshmen 15- don't worry bout it!

The damn red velvet! i totally had a red velvet kick, those ones you had look huge!!!! YUMMMM.

oh yea, nap time is completely necessary in NYC. usually takes place before party time. =)

Jovana said...

I love your purple glittery nails. :)
Suggestion for channeling Dorothy's ruby red slippers: China Glaze -Ruby Pumps, it's perfect!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

The cupcakes look so delicious! Hope you're coping well with your workload!


Anonymous said...

I wish we were best friends.

Charlotte said...

I love your nails and the jacket.
You have a really nice blog, I always check :)
Charlotte x

Frankie said...

JAMES FRANCO?! I am green with envy. Love the Zara jacket + nails by the way!

Lesley said...

Love the jacket!!! Aww and celebs are out there. The other day I saw Uma Thurman. Good luck!

fashionable palette said...

I love your new motto. I totally agree with's the things we buy that we LOVE that we still love months and years later. Great outfit.

AMIT said...

Just lovely photos i love it.

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