Monday, October 26, 2009

bologna pastrami salami

Met up with my mother earlier tonight to grab some dinner at the famous Katz's Delicatessen. We were super excited to go because supposedly their pastrami was "the world's best".

For a monday night, the place was actually pretty crowded. I can't imagine what it would be like during the weekend, as its supposedly a major tourist hub.

Mom's corn beef sandwich

My pastrami sandwich - mmmmm so good.


Wall of famous people that visited

Sign pointing to the table where they filmed "When Harry Met Sally". Somebody was sitting there though :(

Verdict: Pastrami sandwich was pretty good, I admit. Super juicy and still hot when served. The corned beef wasn't as good as the pastrami sandwich. Not the best sandwiches I've ever had, and they are a bit pricey even for nyc standards ($15 for a pastrami sandwich???) but it was definitely worth it for the experience :)

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. My daily outfit literally consists of jeans + top + leather jacket + scarf + frye boots. Something along the line of this

Not that exciting.

Intending to hit up some sample sales after class tomorrow. I'll report back with my finds :)


Dylana said...

The food looks amazing! Love your style and your blog! Following!


Sahakiel said...

Looks so nice, and the place is a classic, I'm sure it worth it! :)

Malu said...

That food looks yummy!

I love your style!
You have a great blog :D


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hannah said...

yum! i havent been to katz since i was younger and i've been craving the perfect pastrami on rye. cute outfit, i can see a bit of military jacket poking out!

larasara said...

We just found your blog! It is amazing, like all your pics!Following!!

Chantelle said...

i'm totally digging that military blazer peaking out from under your jacket. cute

Lorituela said...

I'm so hungry right now!!!
I always feel so hungry when I come to this blog!
Love from Spain,

Anonymous said...

i love your blog :) im a jersey girl too and i visit the city a lot! ill probably end up there (nyu) next year. what school do you go to?

anyway, sweet. i'll be watching this. i also saw your post on spice: A++++. i always get pad thai but ia, the food is so worth the price.

Jyun said...

You have a pretty edgy look. Red lipstick suits you.

Zepequeña said...

It looks delicious!