Monday, March 23, 2009

still here

Sorry for the longer than expected absence. Disney was incredible. Two days after I came back from florida, I had to get my four wisdom teeth removed :X Needless to say, I've been pretty swollen for the last week.

Shoes: Ninewest, Jeans: Habitual, Leotard: AA, Vest: UO, Bag: Ebay DIY, Tank: AA

Some more low-quality pictures from the iphone that kind of describe life at the moment. I love being a second semester senior :)


Lauren said...

Ahhh I hope Disney was rad! Having wisdom teeth pulled sounds scary, I have that joy to look forward to. Your vest amazes me, I'd probably be one of those really annoying people that would run up to you and caress it. haha.

x x x

admin said...

I missed going there, wish I could go back again. Those shoes are amazing. And I can relate to the wisdom teeth pulling out thing. I had 2 weeks off for winter vacation, so my family and I left for my home country. The two weeks was non-stop visitation to the dentist. It was also the same week that I had to get my braces on. UGH, talk about horrible holiday! I look like a chipmunk on Christmas Day. :(

Alice X said...

god that yogurt looks soo good. i love your vest.

Lorituela said...


Hope u had lots of fun!

I think we all missed you so much,
the outfit is gorgeous!


Vintage Tea said...

LOVE this outfit! The shoes are perfection

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Don't Be A Hero said...

wait, disney world or disney land? it's disney land if that's a pinkberry :P

wow, everyone's going visiting my hometown, including me! can't wait to be back in Newport in a couple of days

Miranda said...

your palm tree pic makes me miss summer and the beach, and my trip to florida! isn't being a senior the best?!?! minus college app apprehension of course :) hope your trip was fabulous!

Cup of Coffee. said...

I love this outfit!
Simple and fab!


Karafina said...

yay..glad to see you back! wisdom teeth pulling=sux.
still haven't got mine out! love the green wedges..

cute photos... mmmm not i want some yogurt!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Your outfit rocks, especially your vest! Ahh I had a horrible time when my wisdom teeth were pulled, hope you're completely recovered by now..!


styleburst said...

i love your vest! And those shoes are gorgeous.
The disney looks fun!


Fashionistadiary said...

i could do with a long break! looks like you had a fabulous time xoxox

Casey said...

I was going to get the UO vest when it was at my store, but I passed. Now I regret it.

And I hope you had a great time at Disney! I'm quite jealous of you! And if it makes you feel any better, I have five wisdom teeth. So you may be swollen, but at least you aren't some sort of wisdom teeth freak! :]

Jamie said...

I so totally come by to steal that top and shoes.