Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I'm sitting here watching re-runs of bizarre foods with andrew zimern in attempts to hide from the oppressive heat outside (It's 101 degrees outside. wtf). this man eats EVERYTHING. mad props.

Anyway, all I want to buy is classic, comfortable shoes/clothing lately (with a modern twist, of course). Those rachel comey boots are seriously haunting my dreams. NEED.

Also contemplating the thought of dying the tips of my hair turquoise/seafoam green/aqua. Must hold off until after september, as i'm going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Don't want her to go all bridezilla on my ass now.


Michelle Elaine said...

the hair = fuck yea! i did a diy pastel hair post that might help? ;) and oh yea everything a.wang please!


rwoodhouse0214 said...

I love the Diego handbag . I want it!